Community Film Making involves creating films with, for and about people of all ages and backgrounds on their own terms.

I want to create more localised media, telling important stories which can shape our ideas about the world and lead to positive action.  This starts with give more people a voice through participatory work – either giving participants the tools to make films themselves, or working on commissions which are developed collaboratively. This includes work with arts organisations, youth groups, community projects, work in schools, charities, lobby groups or community-based work in the public sector.  I am particularly interested in exploring projects connected to heritage, oral histories, social justice and urban wildlife.

My skillset involves:

  • Helping groups source funding
  • Drawing up a project plan with participants, encouraging creative input and explaining the film making process throughout
  • Bringing in other creative professionals when needed – this has previously included drama facilitators, photographers, textile artists and historians!
  • Teaching participants the rudiments of using all equipment through hands on, fun and accessible workshops
  • Filming, sound recording and photography
  • Film editing
  • Assisting with film screenings and exposure through Social Media

I am currently developing my participatory practice, with a focus on using personal testimonies to develop creative, impactful projects.

For more details or even if you would just like to discuss ‘Community Film Making’ in more detail, please get in touch!