Extant: Getting on with Life

In January 2017 a group of visually impaired participants embarked on a journey with Extant, Britain’s leading professional performing arts company of visually impaired people. This film explores their creative journeys and documents their final performance at mac Birmingham in May 2017.

‘Getting on with Life’ uses music and comedy to explore the assumptions we make about each other and how we challenge them. The sharing reveals different scenarios to raise awareness of some barriers that people with a visual impairment face.

Building Bridges

This advocacy film was made with a group of adults with Learning Disabilities in Rowley Regis.  Based on research by Building Bridges, the film outlines some of the key challenges members of the research group find in their daily lives.  It identifies a number of areas where organisations could improve their services to make lives easier for anyone with a learning disability.

BCOP 70th Anniversary Events

As part of the 70th Anniversary celebrations for ‘Broadening Choices for Older People’, this film was commissioned to document a year of community events and parties for the Charity. Founded in 1946 to house elderly people made homeless by the Blitz, BCOP has gone on to ‘broaden choices’ through developing high quality accommodation to suit a range of circumstances in addition to a variety of community services.

The film was produced alongside Sam Lockyer and James Watson of Iconic Productions.

The Care Act – Nottinghamshire County Council

Iconic Productions were commissioned by Nottinghamshire County Council to produce a suite of films relating to changes in Health and Social Care in the area.  The films were aimed at service users and their families, as well as professionals in the care sector.  Rachel worked alongside Iconic Productions doing camera work, interviewing and recording a voiceover.

Untold Stories: Lt. Col. Steve Jeffery – Consultant Burns and Plastic Surgeon

As part of The People’s Heritage Co-operative’s HLF funded project, ‘Untold Stories: Birmingham’s Wounded Soldiers from WW1’, Year 8 pupils at Swanshurst School took part in a series of workshops with Rachel Gillies – Community Film Maker to learn how to conduct filmed oral history interviews.  The result of their hard work is 11 remarkable interviews with a range of people discussing their own experiences and the experiences of relatives in some of the major conflicts of the 20th Century. From shelling in the trenches of The Somme to the shelling of Hartlepool, patrolling the Suez Canal to holding the line in Korea, back to the UK to the aftermath of conflict in people’s daily lives, including the reality of medical care, the interviews are eye-opening and frank.

ADHD Nurse Led Service

A film highlighting the referral process for children and young people who may display signs of ADHD.  The film was produced for Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust.

What is Care?

Part of a suite of films developed for Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust for medical students and staff.  The films attempted to unpick what we mean by ‘Care’ through interviewing both those receiving and those giving care.  In this film Michelle, a Community Nurse and Emma, mother to 3 year old Hugh discuss the complexities of caring for a child with a life limiting condition.

BCOP 70th Anniversary

A film produced with ‘Broadening Choices for Older People’ (BCOP) to celebrate 70 years of the organisation providing support and care to older people. It was premiered at their 70th Anniversary celebratory meal to a room full of invited guests and forms one part of a suite of films to celebrate the organisation’s pioneering work.